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Speeding with no worries

RIA the van (originally RIO from Brazil) was the main reason, why we ended up driving around southern Portugal




Foula Island and the rest of Shetland

One and a half year after not going to St. Kilda, we landed on Foula, the Island which played St. Kilda in the 1930s’ movie  “Edge of the World”. It is a film about an Isle so isolated that everyone wants to escape from it. It is now uninhabited. From the other side, Foula is carrying around 30 people, just like the small community on the Isle of Rum, which we chose then as a cheering up because of St. Kilda failure. This is a beautiful closing of my fascination by islands in Scotland.

(You can check the post from Rum here)




I will only say : FOG.

Fog in Argentia, Fog on Avalon, Fog and foghorn near Port aux Basques at the end. It wasn’t just like steaming Vistula in my hometown, Cracow (which has always driven me crazy). It was an „imagination blender” experience which no National Park of the Island can beat.

You didn’t kill me, you Fog, like in Hitchcock’s movie, you filled me with some kind of mysticism, simple but strong enough to dream about Newfoundland over and over again.