Ferrytale trip: Isle of Skye, Mainland & Glasgow


Prologue and epilogue of our ferrytale trip. First step was town Oban, from where we took the first ferry to islands. Mallaig was the last one 11 days later.

Isle of Skye
It was only a passing place between Western Isles and Isle of Rum. Road trip with no hurry from Uig to Armadale and then to Mallaig with a crazy campsite somewhere in the middle. Small town Portree, which was totally overcrowded for us. And finally Glasgow. The real end of our Scottish trip.


Ferrytale trip was our summer project through some Scottish islands. From South to North of Outer Hebrides (also known as Western Isles) , with a break on Skye to end up in Isle of Rum. 7 ferries, 12 islands, 750 miles by car and 11 spots for camping nights. Uncountable number of sheep, midges attacks and small rain, also a few unexpected golden hours.



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