Black Sands Island

1234567891011121314151617_19182021222324252627282930313233343537Selection of Zen_it is done, now I have to write something coz all this Tenerife adventure was kinda huge for me.

For few days I felt like dreaming, it can sound stupid, but its damn true.
I tried to find a quotation to make it easier, but in that case I should use some mescaline experts sentences. Yep, many times I was wondering whether people could experience world this way during peyotle session. Maybe it was just permanent lack of oxygen, which makes me doubt is it still reality: all this beautiful and overwhelming landscapes, never ending ‚limbo’, scenography from some american movie. My boyfriend, who is travelling a lot not only around Europe said its the craziest place where he has been. Even our house in beginning of mountains was like illusion, surrounded by hills, wild grass I have never seen before, lizards, the ocean down… and nothing more.

Pure happiness that sticks to you every day like black volcanic sand on your bright skin.



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