Ostatnio zaczytane

„One of the most famous Zen stories, sometimes ascribed to Haikun, tells of the lovely young girl, unmarried though pregnant, who is asked by angry community to identify the father of her child. Spitefully, she points her finger at old Zen monk long renowned for his purity. When confronted with the charge, the old monk simply replies, „Is that so?” and accepts responsibility for the child.

Many years pass, and the old monk diligently raises the child as if it were his own. His name is discredited now, his person derided. Then, abruptly, the girl confesses to her parents that she’d lied before – the monk had had nothing to do with her. Mortified, the family rushes to the monk to make amends, and tell him of the terrible error. In response, the monk simply replies, „Is that so?” „



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