Sleeping all day, walking at night






It was about 7-8 years ago when I saw IS(NOT), a project from Sputnik Photos Collective, then a screening of „Heima” and finally, a girl I had met, partly living on the island, was telling me about believing in Elves. Back then, Iceland grew in my imagination into a kind of magic bean place. But somehow, it got spoiled: from Bjork’s homeland to Justin Bieber’s clip plan set. Ok, maybe it is too harsh, but the fact is: just before the trip I compared visiting Iceland to catching up with a blockbuster movie, seen by almost everyone, but not me. „Titanic” maybe? The story is well known and the promo song can stick in a head for hours. We all know how it ends: the ship didn’t make it, neither did the main character. Don’t have any metaphore for Leo, but you Iceland, you will be the ship (of dream). And because I respect you too much, to let you sink in the ocean of people’s harmful behavior, I will not come back any soon.